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What I do

I draw, I scan, I digitalize, I create, I mint, I write, I paint,
I sip my TGFOP Assam tea with milk, and I write again.


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Ant Panic 

Well, giant ants on the wall. Just like you always imagined your perfect home.... only digitalized. Make your collection feel like you've always lived in it. Hi Honey, I'm home! How was your day?
Original picture taken in Saatchi Gallery, London.
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Bored Kid

Bored Kid during a Pandemic. What else is there to do? Go out and play some soccer or football with him!

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Barbara Krüger Cat Kuhlmann NFT Cryptoart

Have Fun With The Dinosaurs

Just your average dinosaurs looking for fun on a friday night. And why shouldn't they?

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Barbara Krüger Cat Kuhlmann NFT Cryptoart

Winter morning

Feel it, you're there already. Air is fresh and cool, coffee is brewing, birds are singing, day is just beginning

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Barbara Krueger Puzzle

No doubt, Barabara Krueger is a really great artist. Now turned into a puzzle. 

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart Ape sexy woman catomat cat-o-mat

Cat Goes Ape*

 You get it, don't you? Your wildest dreams come true.

This NFT is SOLD on OpenSea,
tangible original version still available

NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart girl redhead

Black eyes,red hair, a girl with something to say* 

Mixed media turned into 0s and 1s. Just your regular red-haired girl gone a long way. You love her already, don't you?

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart Lake Nature Tits

 I Love Nature, and Nature Loves Me* 

You love a trip to the great outdoors too, don't you? Always a surprise somewhere along the way. Rest for a while, stranger!

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Chomsky. Professor Chomsky.

 Most important intellectual. Can save us, can save the world. Don't unterstand him? Maybe don't even know him? Never mind. He'll explain. 

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Here, flowers, for you!

Flowers. Your girlfriend (or boyfriend, if he's any cool) will love them, and you know it. So get them and let them work their magic.  

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I did not conquer, only die

A line from the old but great Procol Harum song Conquistador. Sometimes it's hard to know what has happened.... did I conquer, or did I only die? 

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NFT Cat-o-mat OpenSea Cryptoart

Winter Sundown #3

Is it spring yet? Not quite. But the sundowns are worth watching anyway. Fill your collection with a moment of pure nature!

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NFT Cryptoart German NFT Art Kunst

Man in Red

Red shirt, blue wall and a good man doing housework. Always good to have one like this around!

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart Sundown

Winter Sundown #1

Sun goes down, trees still bare, wind is cold but air is clear. Something fresh and natural for your digital home.

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Hello World

Depressed, anxious, alone, misplaced - but forced to show the world a smile? Well, you're not the only one. Here's your friend. He doesn't ask questions. He doesn't tell you to cheer up. He understands. Make him your own.

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart Noam Chomsky

Ask Noam Chomsky

What would Noam Chomsky do?  

Ask your favourite celebrity! Always by your side, always there to understand. Now finally your best friend.

Missing your favourite celebrity? Get in touch!

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Oh and what's this?

Maybe a nightmare- Maybe your cathartic moment. Maybe your new best friend, now in your wallet.

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart Sonnenuntergang Sunset Hund digital

Winter Sundown #2
With Doggie

A muddy field, a contemplating dog, the end of a short winter day. Be there!

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart young girl philosophy Philosophie

And who's this?

 This is not just your new NFT, this is philosophy in a picture.

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NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart young man

Happy Young Man

 What's so funny? Never mind. Life.

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Hamlet Ophelia NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart

Mad for thy love? Truly, I do fear it!*

You never got the hang of Shakespeare in school? Now you do. The story of madness, love and deception, all in your collection now.

Polonius: How now, Ophelia? What’s the matter? Ophelia: O my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted Polonius: With what, i' th' name of God? Ophelia: Mylord, I was up in my room sewing when Hamlet came in with no hat on his head, his shirt unbuttoned, and his stockings dirty, undone, and down around his ankles. He was pale as his undershirt, and his knees were knocking together. He looked so out of sorts, as if he’d just come back from hell. He came up to me Polonius: Mad for thy love? Ophelia: My lord, I do not know. But truly, I do fear it!

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Maybe a Superhero

Don't know what he's seeing up there. But it must be something overwordly great and important.

NFT Art Kunst Cryptoart Snake Marble

Philosophical Thoughts 

A marble snake held in a white hand coming out of a bare winter tree. It must mean something, mustn't it? Anyhow, it'll work its magic.

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NFT art kunst Cryptoart Depression

Winter Depression
with Seagulls

 Feel bad? Never mind. It'll be spring soon.

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Art NFT Kunst Horse Cryptoart Pferd Blockchain mare

Awwww! Pretty, isn't it

Pretty, isn't she? I mean, both of them, her on the right as well, not only the bay mare. Though she's adorable, the mare. Really.

Revolution NFT Tea Art Kunst Cryptoart Blockchain Tea

Start No
Revolution Here.

A field, the sky, a cup of tea, and yet no revolution. What's wrong here?

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Who, me? Oh....!

A portrait of yore. Happy young girl (spoiler: she's playing with a funny dog in the garden).

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The Queen, Milord, Is Dead

 Macbeth, did you notice? And this fish, of course.

Not yet on OpenSea, but will be soon.

Dare to take the step?

Can't be all that bad up there, can it? So go for it.

Not yet on OpenSea , but will be soon.

Give us a smile

Doggie already loves you, can't you see?

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Cat Kuhlmann cat-o-mat NFT

Sundown #4

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She's calling.... whom?

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